Parks and Outdoor Recreation


Recreation is fundamental to a community's vitality, strengthening its collective well being and adding to the quality of life for residents. Preserved open spaces and nature areas within the Upper Perkiomen Valley offer a wide range of year-round fun and unique ways to truly refresh, recharge, and take in the beauty of the great outdoors.

Green Lane Park is recognized by Audubon Pennsylvania as one of only 18 of the Commonwealth's Important Bird Areas (IBA) and earns a double mention from Visitors can grab the "Green Lane Park Bird Checklist" from either
 one of the park offices to aid their viewing of both breeding and migratory birds. The park hosts year-round environmental education programs including birding field trips, and the ever popular waterfowl and songbird programs. and hunting continue to be popular outdoor sports and rewarding locations abound for both within the Upper Perkiomen Valley. In addition to bass fishing, Deep Creek Lake and Green Lane Reservoir are top local choices for jigging for crappies while the Perkiomen and Unami creeks remain favorites for fly fishing. 

The reservoir and adjacent parks open up a whole world of opportunities for outdoor activities. Kayaking, boating, and paddle boarding are options to enjoy the water, and a variety of trails present the possibility for a new hiking, biking, or horseback riding adventure each time out. Winding back roads also provide a scenic route for long distance bike rides around town, and many parks have walking paths to enjoy at any pace. 

Beyond the parks and pathways, there are other facilities for having fun. One of the newest additions to the community is the Upper Perkiomen Valley YMCA. With an expansive complex that includes indoor and outdoor pools, the YMCA is committed to promoting its core values through its many classes and programs available to members of all ages. Another destination for outdoor excitement is Bear Creek Mountain Resort & Conference Center. Nestled on over 330 wooded acres in Berks County, the resort offers a wide-range of winter sports like skiing, snowboarding, and snow tubing, and continues the fun throughout the warmer months with activities such as disc golf and trails. Mountain views provide a scenic background for Bear Creek's luxurious accommodations including their spa and dining rooms, and also set the stage for various seasonal festivals and special events that are hosted there. 

From the avid outdoorsman to the causal nature enthusiast, the Upper Perkiomen Valley has plenty of spots to explore the outdoors and start a new adventure in your own backyard.  

Camelot Park 
1124 Church Rd., East Greenville

East Greenville Water Authority 
1200 Water St., East Greenville

Frederick J. Bieler Community Park 
Blaker Dr. & 3rd St., East Greenville

Kistler-Bitting YMCA Park
Two Entrances:
1. 2nd & Washington St., East Greenville 
2. 1352 Tagart Rd., East Greenville 

Nature Meadow 
6th & State St., East Greenville

New Goshenhoppen Park
3rd St., East Greenville

Finland Road Park 
3296 Finland Rd., Pennsburg 

Macoby Run Park 
1044 East 11th St., Pennsburg 

Pennsburg Community Park 

120 East 8th St., Pennsburg 

Pennsburg Nature Preserve 

East 5th St., Pennsburg 

Ziegler Nature Preserve 
1799 Ziegler Rd., Pennsburg 

Centennial Park 
332 Bitting Ally, Red Hill

Red Hill Park
56 West 4th St., Red Hill

Hereford Community Park
11 Township Rd., Macunige 

Tollgate Eco-Park
1946 Tollgate Rd., Palm

Mill Hill Preservation Area
Mill Hill Rd. & Ziegler Rd., Upper Hanover Township

Borough Open Space
Green St., Green Lane 

Isaac Smith Park
300 Walnut St., Green Lane

Lake Skymount
3035 Long Rd., Green Lane

Unami Creek Park
2865 Swamp Creek Rd., Green Lane    


Church Road Bird Sanctuary
1010 Church Rd., East Greenville

Deep Creek Recreation Area
2144 Snyder Rd., Green Lane

Hemlock Point Day Use Area
1492 Gravel Pike, Green Lane

Hill Road Day Use Area
2821 Hill Rd., Green Lane 

Knight Road Trail Access Area
2005 Knight Rd., Pennsburg 

Walt Road Day Use Area
1051 Walt Rd., Pennsburg